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Casey McGehee

Casey  lives in a quaint little town in central Idaho. Several years ago, Casey decided to seriously pursue his love of photography. You will find him frequently with the youth at rodeos, but also at some of the bigger events. You will also see his ability to capture the beauty in some surroundings that most people easily pass by without noticing. Feel free to explore this site and place an order for your favorite photos and see this talented photographer in action. I’ve been asked several times along my way just what’s up with the name “Hayseed” and if it refers to myself or those I take pictures of. Enlisting the help of the Bible and a good friend, this is my definition. Hayseed: what you get when you separate the wheat from the chaff - which is what the West’s mountains and deserts have done, winnowing out a people and a lifestyle I strive to capture and commemorate through the lens of my camera. Never have I known a more genuine and proud people, as are the Ranchers, Cowboys and Cowgirls I am honored to call friends. I "Thank you" all for letting me be a small part of your lives. Casey